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 Volume VIII, Issue 1 Winter 1995

Joseph Cunningham of Rockingham Co., North Carolina
Cunninghams of Nottingham Colony (Rising Sun, Maryland & Lancaster Co., PA
Some Cunninghams in Middle Tennessee
Descendants of Jefferson Cunningham of Jackson Co., TN
The Samuel Cunningham Family (1791 Va-1856 Ark)
Descendants of James Cunningham Sr. born 1756 Augusta Co., VA
Family of John Cunningham born 1805 near Knoxville, TN
Family of Hiram Cunningham born 1801 New York

 Volume VIII, Issue 2 Spring 1995

Origins of the Cunningham Name
More Info on Joseph Cunningham of Rockingham Co., North Carolina
Descendants of Thomas Cunningham born 1795 Clackmannan, Scotland
Family of Wiley D. Cunningham of Lincoln Co., Tn in 1850
Family of Thomas P. Cunningham & Katherine Joyse of Ireland
Family of Robert Cunningham of South Carolina in 1769
Andrw and Jane Cunningham of Know Co., Tennessee
Hugh Cunningham (1708) died at Battle of Blue Lick in Kentucky
The Cunningham Families Indian Encounters (West Virginia)
Edward Cunningham's Will, Harrison Co., (West) VA 1800

 Volume VII1, Issue 3 Summer 1995

Some Cunninghams of Wilson and Davidson Cos., TN
Cunninghams in Early Land Records Warren Co., TN
Cunninghams in Rutherford Co., and Warren Co., TN
Marriages of Sumner Co., TN
Cunninghams of Harrison Co., (West) Virginia
Marriages of Rutherford Co., TN
Marriages of Cannon Co., TN
1836 Tax List Warren Co., TN
Descendants of James Cunningham born 1741 Randolph Co., VA

Volume VII1, Issue 4 Fall 1995
The Non-Existent Hugh Cunningham
Descendants of John Cunningham 1784-1842 Marion Co., TN
Some Census Records 1850 Johnson & Washington Cos., KY
Descendants of William Cunningham 1748 of Donegal, Ireland
Washington Co., VA Marriages 


Volume IX, Issue 1 Winter 1996
An Early Davidson-Cunningham Connection (Tennessee-Illinois)
John William Cunningham of Polk Co., Iowa


Volume IX, Issue 2 Spring 1996
Descendants of John Cunningham of Bedford Co., PA (includes families in Somerset Co. & Westmoreland Cos., PA, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland & West Virginia) continued in the next issue


Volume IX, Issue 3 Summer 1996
Descendants of John Cunningham of Bedford Co., PA (includes families of Pennsylvania & West Virginia continued from the previous issue
Descendants of Christopher Cunningham born 1670 of Virginia & Tennessee
Family of Benjamin Cunningham 1797-1849 of NC & Tennessee


Volume IX, Issue 4 Fall 1996
Descendants of Samuel Cunningham 1743 VA - 1781 Surry Co, NC
Cunninghams of West Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois & Missouri


Volume X, Issue 1 Winter 1997
Descendants of Alexander Cunningham of West Virginia & Missouri
Descendants of Anderson Cunningham born 1781 of Virginia, Kentucky & Indiana
Cunningham Family Reunion
Cunninghams in Coffee Co., TN


Volume X, Issue 2 Spring 1997
Clan Cunningham of Texas- schedule of activities
Descendants of Andrew Cunningham born 1778 SC, d. Jefferson Co., TN
Cunninghams of Warren Co., Tennessee
Descendants of George Cunningham b. 1827 PA, d. 1886 Indiana
Descendants of James Cunningham Rev. War veteran born in Ireland, d. in Baltimore
Descendants of Thomas Cunningham b. ca 1690, resided Virginia with descendants in South Carolina


Volume X, Issue 3 Summer 1997
Clan Cunningham of Texas- schedule of activities
Descendants of Matthew Cunningham b. Ireland, resided in PA & NC & TN
Descendants of Robert B. Cunningham b. 1794 VA, d. 1861 California
Descendants of Robert P. Cunningham b. 1858 Jasper Co., MO
Descendants of Robert Douglas Cunningham from North Ireland
Descendants of Arthur Cunningham died 1829 Holmes Co., OH
Descendants of James Cunningham b 1741 WV, d. 1820


Volume X, Issue 4 Fall 1997
Clan Cunningham of Texas- schedule of activities
Cunningham Cemetery of Coffee Co., TN
Census Record of Coffee Co., TN
Descendants of James Cunningham born 1813 Scotland, died 1844 WV
Descendants of Frederick Cunningham b. 1774 Maryland, d. PA
Descendants of David Cunningham b. 1721 Ireland 


Volume XI, Issue 1 Winter 1998
Naturalization Records of Butler Co., Ohio
Old letter written by Mary Elizabeth Cunningham, Coffee Co., TN
Cunninghams in Thomas J. Barnes Papers in Tennessee State Library & Archives
Descendants of Thomas Cunningham b. 1799 TN, d. 1886 Warren Co., TN
Descendants of Jesse Cunningham b. 1805, d. 1873 Texas
1850 Warren Co., Tennessee
Descendants of William Cunningham b. 1590 England (descendants in VA, TN, IN, NC, etc.)
Descendants of Joseph Cunningham b. 1720, d. 176? Lancaster Co., PA
Descendants of Christopher Cunningham b. 1710 VA?, d. Carter Co., TN


Volume XI, Issue 2 Spring 1998
Variations of the Cunningham Name
Cunninghams of Virginia and Ohio
Revolutionary War Pension Files of Jeremiah Cunningham and his brother Matthew Cunningham
Rev. Jeremiah Cunningham's Obituary
Presbyterian Church Corsicana
Descendants of Hugh Cunningham b. 1853 Monroe Co., TN


Volume XI, Issue 3 Summer 1998
The John Cunningham Family of early Guilford Co., NC
Families of Mathew & James Cunninghams of Guilford Co., NC
Blair Family Connections
Will of John Cunningham of Rowan Co., NC
Land Grants of Rowan Co., NC


Volume XI, Issue 4 Fall 1998
Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files


Volume XII, Issue 1 Winter 1999
Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files continued
Descendants of Robert Cunningham b. 1780 NC, d. 1858 Illinois
Rockingham Co., NC Land Records
Various Cunninghams of Warren Co., TN


Volume XII, Issue 2 Spring 1999
Various Cunninghams of Tennessee
Descendants of Benjamin W. Cunningham b. 1778 NC, d. Warren Co., TN
Descendants of James Cunningham b. 1747, d. 1842


Volume XII, Issue 3 Summer 1999
Joseph Cunningham of Lancaster Co. PA, Descendants 
John & Mary Cunningham of Cecil Co., Maryland
Robert Cunningham of Canada


Volume XII, Issue 4 Fall 1999
Joseph Cunningham of Rowan Co., NC
Andrew Cunningham of Indiana and Kansas
William Cunningham b. 1590, immigrated to VA, Descendants
John Cunningham of North Ireland, descendants 
Robert Cunningham b. 1750s Ireland, d. 1821 KY
Patrick Cunningham b. Ireland, Pennsylvania
Lindsey P. Cunningham d. Morgan Co., Illinois, descendants


Volume XIII, Issue 1 Winter 2000
Robert Cunningham b. 1830, d. 1884 Tennessee
James Cunningham b. 1806 of Kentucky & Missouri
Joseph L. Cunningham b. 1839 Alabama
Burlington Cunningham b. 1840 VA
Hiram Cunningham b. 1801 NY, d. 1898 Illinois
James Cunningham b. Scotland
LeRoy T. Cunningham b. ca. 1840 Georgia, d. Texas
James A. Cunningham b. ca. 1800, descendants
Susan Cunningham b. Ireland, d. 1865 Ohio


Volume XIII, Issue 2 Spring 2000
Ebenezer John Cunningham d. 1812 Jonesboro, TN
James Cunningham b. 1720 North Ireland, d. 1780 VA, descendants 
William S. "Buck" Cunningham b. 1820 TN, d. 1903 TN
James A. Cunningham b. 1812 Tn, d. 1868 TN
Robert Cunningham b. Ireland, descendants in PA
John Cunningham b. NC, d. before 1831 TN
Arthur Cunningham d. ca. 1798 South Carolina


Volume XIII, Issue 3 Summer 2000
Search for a Conaghan Family in Donegal, Ireland
Estate of Mary Cunningham McKinley of Ohio, Illinois & Iowa
Wilby Cunningham b. 1849 Scotland; d. 1911 Iowa
William H. Cunningham b. 1821 PA; d. 1897 Illinois
Robert Cunningham and Margaret Brock, descendants
Luke Cunningham b. 1811 NY, descendants in Canada & Illinois, etc.


Volume XIII, Issue 4 Fall 2000
Cunningham-Patrick Families of Rockingham Co., NC
Hugh Cunningham Sr. b. 1754 NC, d. 1824 NC, descendants
Andrew Jackson Cunningham b. 1849 TN, d. 1924 Texas
Alexander Cunningham b. ca. 1777, d. 1838 West Virginia, descendants


Volume XIV, Issue 1 Winter 2000/2001
A Cunningham Family of Maryland by Linda Reno (1678)
John Cunningham of SC, NC and TN ca. 1783 to 1842


Volume XIV, Issue 2 Spring 2001
Some Early Virginia Cunningham
Cunningham Families: Alexander Cunningham 1814 PA to 1897 WV
Lineage of John Cunningham of Virginia (1798 VA to 1860 MO)
Lineage of William Cunningham (ca. 1590 Scotland or England, descendants in Virginia and Tennessee)
Cunninghams in the Forks of Elkhorn Church Records (Kentucky)


Volume XIV, Issue 3 Summer 2001
Matthew Cunningham, Guilford Co., NC
Cunninghams of Rowan Co., NC
1796 Rowan Co., NC Petition
Charles Robertson of Early Davidson Co., TN and his Cunningham in-laws
Index to the Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications
Residents of the Poor House, Davidson Co., TN
Cunninghams in Lenoir Co., NC
Tennessee Acadamies of Learning, Franklin Co., TN
Monroe Co., TN Marriages 1838
Early NC Grants in Tennessee
1840 White Co., TN Census
Petition for Pardon of Erasmus Chapman, Lincoln Co., TN 1820


Volume XIV, Issue 4 Fall 2001
Cunningham-Patrick Families of Rockingham Co., NC
Hugh Cunningham 1754 to 1824 Rowan Co., NC 
Andrew Jackson Cunningham 1849 Bradley Co., TN to 1924 Cooke Co., TX
Alexander Cunningham ca. 1777 to 1838 Hancock Co., WV


Volume XV, Issue 1 Winter 2002
Prince Edward Co., Virginia Tax List 1767
Cunninghams mentioned in: Lenoir Co., NC; Burke Co., NC; Cape Fear River Basin, NC; Amelia Co., VA Tax List 1744
Benjamin Franklin Cunningham of South Carolina
Alexander Cunningham's Descendants (Donegal, Ireland, Pennsylvania, & West Virginia)
Some Cunninghams in Indiana


Volume XV, Issue 2 Spring 2002
Joseph Cunningham of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Cunninghams mentioned in Sussex Co., VA; Johnston Co., NC; Adams Co., PA; Orange Co., NC; Bedford Co., TN; Lincoln Co., TN; Guilford Co., NC; Sullivan Co., TN; Greene Co., TN; Botetourt Co., VA
Tennessee Confederate Soldiers


Volume XV, Issue 3 Summer 2002
Some Cunninghams of Washington Co., Pennsylvania
Cunninghams in miscellaneous records
    Blount Co., TN, Sumner Co., TN, Nashville, TN, Knox Co. TN, Hamilton Dist., TN, Grainger Co., TN, Jefferson Co., TN, Carter Co., TN, Clay Co., TN, Bedford Co., TN & Caswell Co., NC
Cunninghams in Nelson Co., KY
Cunninghams in Bedford Co., PA 1779, 1784


Volume XV, Issue 4 Fall 2002
Family of Jonathan R. Cunningham Sr. VA to Indiana
Cunninghams mentioned in York Co., PA, Bedford Co., PA and other PA counties
Bible Record of Thomas Nelson and Lillie Dale Swecker Cunningham of Washington Co., TN


Volume XVI, Issue 1 Winter 2003
The Origin of the Cunningham Name
Excerpts from History of Daviess Co., Indiana
Miscellanous Cunninghams (Amelia Co., VA, Cumberland Co., VA, Davidson Co., TN
Descendants of Arthur Cunningham of Anderson Co., South Carolina
Some CUnningham Families in Ohio
Cunningham brothers from Ireland to America in the 1800's
Descendants of Drury Cunningham and Nancy (Kent) Cunningham
Arthur B. Cunningham of County Cork, Ireland to Baltimore


Volume XVI, Issue 2 Spring 2003
Family of John R. Cunningham Sr. (Pennsylvania to Indiana)
Descendants of George C. Cunningham of Georgia and Illinois
Hiram Cunningham of Tennessee (photos included)
Cunninghams of Franklin Co., Pennsylvania
Cunninghams of Berkeley Co., West Virginia (letters of 1856)


Volume XVI, Issue 3 Summer 2003
Cunninghams of Cub Creek, Virginia (Extensive lineage from Scotland, Ireland to Pennsylvania and Virginia)



Volume XVI, Issue 4 Fall 2003
Cunninghams of Cub Creek, Virginia - Correction
William F. Cunningham of Knox Co., Indiana
Cunninghams of the Northern Neck Area of Virginia
Cunninghams in Miscellanous Records( Amelia Co., Va, Prince William Co., VA, French and Indian Soldiers, British Mercantile Claims, Cumberland Co., VA, Pittsylvania Co., VA, Henry Co., VA, Patrick Co., VA, Charlotte Co., VA, Halifax Co., VA, Franklin Co., PA and Davidson Co., TN



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