Compiled by Judy Lumpkin Griffin

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Judy Griffin has compiled an amazing 316 page timeline of Braswells in Edgecombe County, North Carolina dating from 1738 through 1895 for Braswell family genealogy research. With her permission, I've published it here as a 1.6 mg PDF file. You will need Adobe Reader to open it and because of its size, it might take a little while to open. You can print part or all of it and if you use Google to find it, you can view it as an html file instead of as a PDF file.

Here are Judy's introductory remarks to the file:

Edgecombe County was formed in 1732 from Bertie County by proclamation of the Governor.  County government apparently was established not long afterwards since some of the county records date back to this period. The assembly, however, did not confirm its creation until 1741. Granville County (1746), Halifax County (1758), and Nash County (1777) were formed from Edgecombe County.  Parts of Edgecombe, Johnston, Nash, and Wayne were taken in 1855 to form Wilson County.  The first Edgecombe Precinct deed books are located in Halifax County, where the original Edgecombe County court house was located.

 These records are compiled from various sources.  I want to thank the following people for the books they have written or records they have compiled:

Margaret M. Hofmann, Tommy Colbert, John Newton, Margarette Glenn Griffin and Ruth Smith Williams.  If not for them, I could have completed this project.  I hope this work will benefit present and future Braswell/Bracewell researchers.

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